Our certified expert auto mechanics have years of experience and continued training to complete any auto repair, transmission repair or auto maintenance task from an oil change to a complete engine overhaul. Our goal is to keep your vehicle running properly so that you can stay on the road efficiently and safely.

At AAMCO of Bonita Springs, we guarantee your vehicle is repaired and/or serviced correctly the first time around as we use high tech diagnostic equipment to accurately diagnose your vehicle's issue/s. The replacement parts, oils, filters and components we use are of the highest quality. When it comes to your car or truck, quality is very important to us.

Auto Repair and Auto Maintenance Services

Car Care Service

AAMCO of Bonita Springs is a full service auto repair, transmission repair and auto maintenance center, providing complete car care services for your domestic or import vehicle to keep it running at full capacity. If you have any questions, please contact us at 239-992-2626 or send us an email, and our expert auto mechanics will help diagnose what needs to be done.

AAMCO of Bonita Springs basic auto maintenance services include:

  • Ignition
  • Ignition Wires & Cables
  • Oil, Lube, and Filter
  • Spark Plugs

Fuel Injection

The fuel injector, a valve, is an extremely important part of an automobile. The fuel injector increases gas mileage and decreases air pollution by continually changing the amount of gasoline that is mixing with oxygen and being pushed to the engine.

When the fuel injector needs maintenance your car:

  • You may notice that the power to the engine is inconsistent
  • You may have decreased gas milage
  • Your automobile may idle unevenly
  • You might notice a fuel scent
  • Your engine may misfire

Our expert auto mechanics are able to diagnose and fix the most complex to the most common problems. Some of the more common problems include:

  • A dirty or clogged fuel injector - Sometimes fuel additives or microscopic foreign objects will cause an inability to supply gas to the intake manifold or creates a weak spray of gasoline to the engine.
  • The valve fails to open or close - A faulty wire or spring, rust, or fuel additives can create blockages or buildup that prevent the valve from opening or closing.
  • Leaking - The fuel injector can overheat and stop working when other parts fail.

Distributorless Ignition

The distributorless ignition system (DIS) eliminates many maintenance issues (because it is a reliable ignition system) and can increase time between maintenance. The DIS design is unique, it has a coil directly attached to each spark plug (instead of a main coil within the engine control unit). These small coils control the precise spark timing needed to efficiently power an automobile.

To determine if you need an auto mechanic and to understand what we provide for a DIS please read the following:

If I have a distributorless ignition, do I still need regular maintenance?

The DIS needs fewer maintenance check ups as it does not have a distributor cap or rotor that needs maintenance. That being said, spark plugs can deteriorate, coils weaken, and sensor problems can still arise. These problems, along with a worn out PCV valve, or a dirty or damaged fuel filter or air filter, can reduce your engine from realizing peak performance. AAMCO of Bonita Springs strives to keep your auto's engine running efficiently through regular preventative maintenance.

Is it the distributorless ignition if my car isn't running at peak performance?

Although a DIS is reliable, an issue can occur. For example, if the engine cranks but does not start or if a cylinder is missing or misfiring, there could be a DIS problem. To have the ability to continue driving, checking the coil is essential With a weak or dead coil, only one or two cylinders in the engine can function at peak performance.

We perform a diagnostic work up of the DIS module and crankshaft sensor circuit. When the engine is cranked, and there is an indication of low voltage to the coil pack, it can be a problem in the crankshaft sensor circuit. The crankshaft position sensors generally have three terminals, the current feed, one for the ground and an output signal. If these three terminals are not working in tandem there will be no signal, letting us know the sensor has failed.

Lack of power, elevated emissions, or poor fuel economy may be a maintenance issue outside of the DIS. In this case, we complete an elimination check that starts with the individual coils to guarantee their resistance is within specifications. If the coils prove to be working properly, we continue to the electronic spark control circuit as it may be receiving bad information from another sensor within the engine.

We will complete a thorough diagnostic test of the DIS whether it's for preventative maintenance or a performance issue including the individual parts, or the surrounding area to ensure your car is operating at peak performance.

General Auto Services

AAMCO of Bonita Springs will get your vehicle back on the road quickly (whether you have a car that's been sitting a little too long or a fleet that needs a basic check). Also, we work with your insurance company to ensure you get the best repair job at a competitive rate.

To schedule an appointment, have questions or for more information, contact us at 239-992-2626.

Our expert auto repair services include:

  • Fleet Repairs
  • Domestic General Repair
  • Import General Repair
  • Off-Road Vehicle Repairs

Undercar Services

AAMCO of Bonita Springs provides relaible quality care for your vehicle's undercarriage. Visit our shop to see how we can help you or call 239-992-2626 for more information.

Our undercar services include:

  • Alignment
  • Anti-lock Brakes
  • Brakes
  • Chassis
  • Driveline
  • Exhaust
  • Shocks
  • Tires

These help keep your vehicle running at top performance!

Heating and Cooling Services

If the heat in your vehicle is getting to be too much and your auto's a/c unit has stopped working, let our expert auto mechanics let you know what we can do to fix your auto a/c or heating problems. Our prices are affordable and we guarantee our work. Contact us at 239-992-2626, and drive in comfort.

Why it is important to maintain your auto's AC System:

With use, auto heating and a/c systems may eventually break. Hose pipes may clog and drip if not serviced, causing reduced efficiency heating and cooling capabilities. Regular auto air conditioning maintenance will keep your a/c system running at peak performance!

Signs vehicle may need auto a/c repair:

  • Your auto a/c system is blowing air that is only slightly cooler than the air outside
  • Recirculated air smells damp, musty, or moldy
  • Your auto's cabin does not warm up in cold weather, or is only slightly warmer than outside
  • The defroster takes longer than usual to operate, or does not work at all
  • Your auto a/c or heat only works when you are driving, not when idling, or stops blowing when your car is stationary
  • Your air conditioning system blows warm air or your heating system blows cold air
  • Low airflow even when you have the fan set to the highest setting

A full evaluation of an auto a/c and heating system includes:

  • Internal controls and blower examination
  • Radiator coolant operating temperature, hoses, pressure radiator cap and thermostat check
  • Compressor belt inspection
  • System and seals for leaks or various other damages inspection
  • Cooling system pressure test
  • Checking if the A/C pressure meets manufacturer specifications
  • Interior vent air temperature measurement

AAMCO of Bonita Springs repair and maintenance services include:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Radiators
  • Belts & Hoses

Electrical Services

Whether it is a dead battery or misfiring starter or alternator we can help. Contact us for any of your auto electrical repair and maintenance needs. We service your vehicle with care and reliability by providing a high level of workmanship you can trust.

AAMCO's auto electrical repair and maintenance services include:

  • Batteries
  • Starters & Alternators

AAMCO's Transmission Services

AAMCO of Bonita Springs knows how to fix the problem (from manual to automatic transmission repair). Our knowledgeable auto mechanic experts will diagnose the situation and help you make a decision. Leave the dirty work to us! We do transmission repair like nobody else can.

AAMCO's competitively priced transmission maintenance service and transmission repair service includes:

Automatic Transmission

Automatic Transmissions shift between gears automatically to optimize driving, and changes gears based on the driver's throttle pedal, vehicle speed, engine speed, and vehicle load. Typical automatic transmissions have 4-6 forward gear ratios, a Reverse, Park, and Neutral gear. Shifting gears occur automatically once the car is in Drive and there is no need for a clutch pedal or gear shift like there is in a Manual Transmission. Automatic transmission repair is complicated based on all the components that make it up, and you need to have any automatic transmission issues properly assessed by an expert diagnostician. Call 239-992-2626 to speak with a professional at AAMCO of Bonita Springs about your transmission issues.


There are clutches in both automatic and manual transmission cars (different types of clutches). When shifting gears, the clutch engages and disengages from the flywheel and transfers the torque through the transmission. Clutches should help your vehicle start and shift gears smoothly. The clutch in your car receives a lot of wear and can eventually wear out. If your clutch begins slipping irregularly or is making suspicious noises, contact AAMCO of Bonita Springs to see if clutch replacement is needed.

Four-wheel drive Transmission

A four-wheel (4x4) drive vehicle has differential gears, both front and rear axles, and a transfer case attached to the transmission. Four-wheel drive vehicles demand maintenance on the transfer case, front differentials, rear differentials, and transmission fluids. Visit us for service on your four-wheel drive transmission.

Front-wheel drive Transmission

If your vehicle has Front-wheel drive, the engine drives the front wheels only. The power is routed through the transmission to the final drive where it is split and sent to the two front wheels through the drive axles. The engine, transmission, and additional hardware is all located in the front of the car. If you are in need, AAMCO of Bonita Springs will happily repair front-wheel drive transmission vehicles.

Manual Transmission

Driving a vehicle with a Manual Transmission requires using the clutch pedal and gear shift to manually shift gears based on the speed of the vehicle. Manual transmissions have been built with anywhere from two to eight gears. Front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive are the two main configurations for manual transmissions. Typically, manual transmissions require less maintenance than automatic transmissions. At AAMCO Bonita of Springs, our expert auto mechanics can diagnose your vehicle and then recommend the transmission repair or transmission service you need to ensure safety and improve the lifetime of your vehicle.

Electronic Services

A poor driving experience can often be related to a malfunctioning computer or driving controls. AAMCO of Bonita Springs will ensure your vehicle is in top driving condition. Don't neglect your vehicle's electronic systems. Our expert auto mechanics will repair your vehicle properly the first time around!

Don't ignore your check engine light! Your check engine light is there to alert you when there is an issue with one of the monitored systems in your car, truck or SUV. This alert is a warning for you to have your vehicle evaluated for the cause of the problem. Often, the check engine light may be a minor concern, but you never know until it turns into a major problem.

Our electronic services include:

  • Computer
  • Diagnostics
  • Drivability
  • Engine Controls

Internal Engine Services

We ensure your engine is up to par as this is an important component of a well-maintained vehicle. Don't trust your engine repair needs to just anyone! AAMCO of Bonita Springs offers affordable engine repair services that are hassle-free and reliable every time. Call us at 239-992-2626 or drop us an email for more information!

AAMCO's internal engine services include:

  • Cylinder Block
  • Cylinder Head
  • Timing

Heavy-Duty Services

For the big jobs, take your vehicle to AAMCO of Bonita Springs! Our expert services are ideal whether you have an import or domestic vehicle. Since we guarantee our work nationwide, you can be sure you are receiving the highest quality services in our area.

Our heavy duty services include:

  • Engine Replacement
  • Maintenance


If your vehicle just won't start up or you don't feel it is safe to drive, we offer towing assistance to transport your vehicle back to our shop for repair services. You'll appreciate our affordable towing referrals and our guarantee that your vehicle makes it back to our shop safely. For fast towing services, Call AAMCO of Bonita Springs at 239-992-2626.

For 24 Hour Towing Services we recommend calling George and Sons Towing at 239-353-1300.

Other Services

Anything that may pose a threat to your vehicle's road performance, our experienced auto specialists provide a number of other miscellaneous auto services. Because our work is guaranteed, you can be sure that you're receiving the best workmanship possible. Let us know how we can help you! Contact us at 239-992-2626 to set up an appointment for additional quality auto services.

Other Conveniences include:

  • Comfortable waiting area with free WIFI, coffee and cable tv
  • Clean restrooms
  • After hours drop off
  • Free local shuttle service with repairs by appointment
  • We offer most major brands of tires
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Pre trip inspection
  • On site welding