Taking a Summer Road Trip? Avoid a Breakdown with this Vehicle Checklist!

June 21st was the first day of summer and many of you have planned a summer vacation or weekend getaway. You may be counting down the days until your much needed upcoming trip but if your vacation will consist of a road trip, planning ahead could save you problems along the way.

Make sure the vehicle you will be driving has had a recent oil change, tune-up and tires have been rotated to help avoid a breakdown.

You may not be aware that your vehicle needs repair due to a safety recall but you can check your vehicle for recalls here: https://vinrcl.safercar.gov/vin/

Even if your vehicle has had recent maintenance, use our vehicle safety checklist to help ensure your road trip goes well without unwanted or dangerous incidents.

  • Check your tires for pressure and wear, if your tires look worn, have them changed before leaving on your trip plus make sure your spare tire is properly inflated.
  • Summer heat helps degrade belts and hoses. Check your vehicle’s belts and hoses for cracks or bulges plus check the connections to make sure they are tight. If you find any defects in your belts and hoses, have them changed before your trip.
  • Make sure your windshield wipers are in excellent condition. If you see any wear and tear on your wipers or they smear your windshield when in use, buy new ones in preparation for your upcoming trip.
  • Check to make sure all of the fluids in your vehicle are full (ie, for windshield wipers, brakes, oil, power steering, automatic transmission or clutch and coolant).
  • Has your cooling system been serviced lately? If not, you may want to have this done before your trip especially if your coolant has particles floating in it, is clear or rusty looking.
  • Inspect all of the lights on your vehicle (headlights, brake lights, interior lights, turning lights, emergency flashers and trailer lights if you will be pulling a trailer) fix or replace any lights not working properly.
  • Is your a/c system running cool? Before heading out on the road for your vacation have your air conditioning system check and serviced.

Other things to consider when taking a road trip:

  • When stopping at a rest stop and leaving your vehicle, make sure all valuables are out of sight to someone who may be walking past your vehicle while you are in the restroom.
  • If you are traveling with small children, make sure you keep them close by at all times because summer heat can quickly build to life-threatening temperatures in a vehicle that is closed up or even with windows cracked and no a/c on.

Summer vacation is a time for fun and relaxation so don’t let a broken down vehicle put a damper on your road trip by doing some preliminary checks and needed repairs before taking off.

AAMCO of Bonita Springs will gladly check your vehicle and perform any needed repairs. AAMCO of Bonita Springs provides a 24 Months, 24,000 Miles Nationwide Warranty that Covers Parts and Labor on Qualifying Repairs and Services plus excellent customer service.

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